A comprehensive directory of food manufacturers, distributors and suppliers as well as the supporting industries in Malaysia.



Message from The President of Malaysian Food Canners’ Association (MFCA)

Founded in 1972, the Malaysian Food Canners’ Association (MFCA) or Persatuan Pengetin Makanan Malaysia is the trade association representing local food canneries. Set up to promote the industry’s cost-effectiveness and success, the organization also works to educate consumers, trade analysts and the media on the benefits of canned food. Nearly 200 billion of canned food are produced in the world each year, enabling food products to be cheaper, safer and more accessible.

MFCA applauds Marshall Cavendish (M) Sdn Bhd for taking the imperative step to collate and update the Malaysian directory of food manufacturers, distributors and suppliers. This directory, we believe, would help to facilitate a robust learning environment of best manufacturing practices, inventions and innovations among industry players. Its wide circulation to the government, corporations and trade events would also encourage new business ventures and partnerships.

Hence, we wish to congratulate Marshall for the successful endeavor of becoming the contacts hub for the food and beverage industry. A necessary manual for emerging and established businesses alike, we trust this directory will meet the needs of individual companies and elevate the Malaysian food industry as a whole.

Mr. Ling Hwa Ean
The President of Malaysian Food Canners’ Association (MFCA)