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exploitation and techno-entrepreneurship and changing food distribution system.
The Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry recently unveiled a  ve-point plan geared towards ensuring national food security and boost revenue in the agriculture sector. Its minister Datuk Salahuddin Ayub said the document, which centres on food security, rural economic development as well as spurring domestic investment and international trade, among others aims to free farmers,  shermen and livestock breeders from the shackles of poverty. The government’s mission via the  ve points will be achieved
through the execution of 18 strategies and 51 initiatives to ensure that the agricultural industry becomes even more competitive.
The  rst point covers efforts to modernise and increase agricultural production to ensure supply stability and the nation’s food prices by stressing on the paddy, ruminants as well as  sheries sub-sectors. The second point will see the ministry spur private sector investment in agriculture commercially, as well as increase agricultural trade export. The third point covers efforts to make agriculture a solid, sustainable and pro table revenue source for farmers, livestock breeders,  shermen and young agropreneurs. The fourth point involves improving the agricultural industry ecosystem to support agriculture modernisation, domestic private sector investment and expansion activities for farmers, livestock breeders and  shermen. The document concludes with the  fth point, which is to strengthen the organisational structure of the ministry’s departments and agencies to improve the delivery system and administration.
In executing the plan, the ministry aims to make agriculture a key contributor to the economy, thus freeing its players from the B40 segment. The ministry has devised several measures to strengthen the nation’s agro-food sector, including establishing a national agro-food database, with a view towards ensuring that all plans are carried out precisely and effectively. The ministry will also work with state governments to develop a comprehensive master plan on land development for agricultural purposes, as well resolve land-related issues. It will also review all counterproductive policies which could stunt the planned changes, and replace them with agricultural-friendly policies which could transform the country’s agro-food industry landscape.

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